Welcome to our new Palmdale/Lancaster LabelGMO page!

Welcome all to our new Palmdale/Lancaster Group page with LabelGMOs.  

Please be sure to attend our meeting at the Whole Wheatery on Tuesday evening, as we should start preparing our schedules for petition signature gathering.  Be thinking of where and when you would like to gather signatures and also who you would like to pair up with.  Bring your calendars, so we are all on the same page.  

You may need to have a little patience with me and this Group page.  It is pretty deep, and I am trying to learn my way around the back end of it.  I am sure  I will have to have some help from some of you.  

You probably are aware already that our Area Coordinator, Erin, will be receiving the petitions on the 16th of February and will be getting them to us by the 18th.  I will be returning to Cali from a trip to Oregon to help my sister move from one house to another (final).  We have several things being delivered to our group from our leaders.  Among them, is a new banner.  Hurray!  I am trying to coordinate the pick up of these things.  

It is my fervant wish to make a change in this picture and the story behind it.

Stay tuned to this channel, we will start rocking soon!



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