USDA Wants Comments by July 17, 2017

usda_logo.pngThe fake DARK GMO labeling bill is moving through the government agencies quickly. It’s on track and pretty much on schedule.

Please take note of the first time in decades that government is 1- actually accomplishing something and 2-accomplishing it on time. 

And why would they be on time? Why would they push this through?

We have no illusions:  Because Big Business wants it.  And our government and it agencies are beholden to them first (as we well know first hand).

The Big Business interests in the Organic Trade Association, The Grocery Manufacturers Association and the Multinational Chemical and Poison companies want government to put this all behind them and get on with their genetically engineered life.  Why else would it be happening?  Restaurant ingredient labeling is years behind.  Law that protect us lie stagnant. But fake GMO labels? On time and on track.

The next phase in this sham is that the USDA has put out a request for comments on the actual labeling. You can find them here.

You might be asking why you should bother commenting.  After all, this is a charade of a law with fake labels, designed to confuse people and hide what’s really in your food. You might decide you’ve done enough and it’s not worth your 10 minutes.  Or that it’s such a sham you refuse to even acknowledge that it’s worth commenting on.

And we understand. 

But we can’t.  We can’t keep quiet now. We have to keep letting them know we are watching them and have our viewpoints publicly on record.  These past two administrations are not the last ones.  Some grassroots folks we know are already talking about the long game…that when congress changes we push for real labels again. It could happen. It could. The political atmosphere is ripe for huge change on all levels.  Who knows???

In the meantime, we will continue to push for what we want, if, for no other reason, we and keep being a nuisance and a thorn in their side and they wish we would go away, already.

So…what can you do?  

Comment, even if you only answer one or some of the questions.  Send comments via email to:

Find out more here:
The official cutoff date is July 17 (yes, that’s Monday).  

If you want some suggestions for focus here are a few reminders of minimums:

1)      Clear, specific, on-package labeling, such as “produced with genetically engineered ingredients” or a symbol that says “GMO” or “GE”.  No QR codes

2)      Clear definition of genetic engineering for plants and animals that includes the new technologies. Another way to put it would be to have the Codex definition at minimum so our definitions match our trade partners.

3)      No more than a .9% threshold in keeping with our major trade partners. Not 5%. Not 10% or more. 

4)      Labeling of all GE products, not just ones that have detectable proteins in them

5)      Labeling happens in a timely fashion

6)      We had a good law in Vermont so use that

7)      QR codes are discriminatory against the elderly and low-income populations.  Plus, this system is overly burdensome for all consumers. It pushes disclosure on them, not the manufacturers.

8)      Require all manufacturers/producers to label- no exemptions

Then call your senators and congressfolks to tell them you want them to make sure the agencies enact REAL labels.  This is especially important if your elected official voted for DARK (which most of them did). We want them to know we hold them responsible for this fiasco. 

Easiest way to call them is to go here:

Thanks for keeping on keeping on. We cannot let this go.  Our folks in DC are being asked where we went.  Although we’ve been beaten down by the end results, we can and must keep asking for what we want. The future of food depends on it!!

Thanks, again, for staying the course!!

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  • Michael Druhm
    People are tired of paid off government slime ! Pass a labelling law like Vermonts or you will be labelled for elimination!
  • Monica Lopez