Update On The TPA Vote, June 12, 2015

On Friday, June 12, the House had three votes on the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) which we've been calling "Fast Track".  The results in the news are a bit confusing. I'll cover the two important ones for us here.

The vote for the actual bill that would take away Congress' right to amend all trade agreements for the next 6 years was actually voted in as a yes.  However, what was resoundingly defeated was a part of it called the TAA, Trade Adjustment Assistance. This was the part of the TPA that would make sure that US workers who lost jobs due to the trade agreement would be helped to retrain and find new jobs. All sorts of interesting, convoluted stuff about that...like where the money would come from (take it from Medicare), what kind of jobs would they get, who would get help and so forth. 

But the point is that when you hear the traditional media say that Obama lost this round, that's what they mean. TPA cannot move forward without the TAA in place. And it lost by a huge margin.  

If they are able to negotiate this part of the bill, then there is still a chance that TPA (Fast Track) will pass and our world will come a unified global corporate state.  So our work is not done.  They are supposed to vote again next week..

For an in depth explanation of all this, here is an excellent article that talks about it and more.

Our calls are working, folks.  So we have GOT to keep it up.  We must make sure that TAA does not pass.  Please continue to call every day.  Ask your Congress person how they voted on TAA. If they voted NO, thank them and tell them to stand strong.   If they voted YES, tell them we want them to vote NO and we are watching.  

Thanks for raising your voices! Uniting with labor, environmentalists, health care workers, food justice, civil rights, and all who hold freedom dear is making change.  I was reminded the other day that this country started because of a trade rebellion.  Let's stand for what our forefathers fought for.  

See you on the streets!!

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