Time to Sign Up


We are planning on starting to gather signatures starting the weekend of February 18th.

If you are joining us, please sign up on our new page.  

First go here and click 'join' and check the volunteer box:


Then go here to sign up for shifts.


If there's a location that you want to collect and would like someone else to join you, let me know and I'll add it to the site.

There's a glitch, that they are fixing now, where you can't see the other shifts once you sign up. They will fix that.

I can do things manually. If there are places/dates/times you'd like listed let me know - with an address if it's not already up there.

If you're having a problem I can manually add/change your shifts - just email me at mom@momsforsafefood.org

If you want a table for your event, we have a few to lend out but any type of small folding table will work, even a TV table. I have a PDF of our sign, and of the volunteer labels too, if you'd like to print out some of your own. (they are in our files here on the yahoo group)

Also, if anyone would like to volunteer at the Democratic Convention in San Diego this weekend, to tell people about the initiative - email Elizabeth ejlambe@verizon.net  She is especially looking for people for Saturday morning.

We're getting ready!
Below are the signature gathering trainings for February and March. We are going to start planning locations and times for Signature Gathering starting the weekend of February 18th.  Our San Diego page is up, as part of the labelgmos.org site. Please go sign up there and you can start rsvping for signature gathering on the weekend of Feb. 18th. I am adding more times and locations over the next week.


Join, then click into the volunteer calendar then select all the shifts you are interested in and click rsvp.

Signature trainings for February/March:

San Diego/Del Mar Signature Gathering Training!
Saturday, February 11, 2012 at 10:00 AM
Jimbo's Naturally
12853 El Camino Real
San Diego, CA 92130
Come and learn how to gather signatures and ask any questions you may have about the initiative!
We will meet in the Conference Room. Just ask for directions.

Carlsbad/Encinitas Signature Gathering Training!
Saturday, March 3, 2012 at 10:00 AM
Jimbo's Naturally
1923 Calle Barcelona
Carlsbad, CA 92009
Come and learn how to gather signatures and ask any questions you may have about the initiative!
We will meet in the Cafe.
Please join our Yahoo group.
This will allow San Diego County volunteers to interact and plan events signature gathering and other events together.
To join go to:
Or you can send an email (which will subscribe you to the list):
To post a message, once you've joined: LabelGMOsSanDiego@yahoogroups.com
Please forward this email to anyone you know who might be interested.
Warm regards,
Sheri Fogarty
San Diego area coordinator, Labelgmos.org

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