Santo: Our Possible Future?

The GMO Movement has generated a large number of documentary films that are currently being used to educate people around the world about the issues surrounding GMOs.  And while these films are invaluable, we need to reach out to the people who don’t normally watch documentaries, but who do enjoy watching mainstream feature films.

Up until now, there has never been a fictional feature film made about the very real possible potential of the GMO technology and what it holds for our future. But now, just such a film is in the works!  This film would have contemporary appeal and would reach a far broader audience than Documentaries ever have.



SANTO 7.13.15

Rob Everest is a young producer whose mother went through a particularly sad ordeal with cancer. That journey led Rob to study what could have possibly contributed to her illness.  He found out about GMOs and became so upset that he decided to make a film to capture the hearts and minds of millions around the globe.  With his movie, SANTO 7.13.15,  Rob hopes to get a conversation started about how we want to create our future.

From the SANTO site-

SANTO 7.13.15 is a story that shows our future in 2045 when over population has reached critical levels and food supply can't keep up with demand. Poverty and hunger have become pandemic. Global biotech food giant SANTO has created strains of super food to feed the masses causing autoimmune disorders, food intolerance, and sterility in the process. Their new cure has proved even worse than the diseases they created: Santo lobbied and was given the right to make genetic enhancements to humans so they could again eat and survive on their created super foods. In that legislation, it also gave them the rights to own any human's DNA and body that was modified. For those modified that were less then perfect, Santo had the right to recall.

Why do I support this movie?

I am volunteering my time to help this film get made because I believe it will be a huge step in raising awareness about GMOS around the planet.  We’ve learned tons from our documentaries, but there are many people out there who will not go to see one.  These same people, however, will go to see a SciFi film that captures their mind and makes them think.  SANTO 7.13.15  has the potential to grow our movement exponentially around the world!

SANTO 7.13.15 was close to finalizing a deal with a studio, but at the last minute the studio said they’d sign only if Rob took out the GMOs and any references to Monsanto.  Since it was Rob’s intent to open up an international dialogue, he refused, and he is now asking us (the people) to help with  the funding needed to finish making the film. If we can do this - can help with the funding - then that will show other producers that this film has to be made and it has to be made as written because the people care about GMOs.

I watched Proposition 37 (which would have labeled foods containing GMOs in California) lose by a very small margin because of an extremely well -funded smear campaign against it by Monsanto, Syngenta and the other chemical and junk food companies.  We underestimated just how far these large corporations would go to win at business or at the ballot box. Their deceptive tactics and their unscrupulous use of the mainstream media were appalling.  The  Prop 37 campaign had very little  access to mainstream media - a huge handicap to our efforts.  That’s why this movie is so exciting - with this film we will be getting our message out to the mainstream BIG TIME!

 Truth can be stranger than fiction

Does it seem out of reach that humans might be genetically engineered?  Human Artificial Chromosomes (or HACs)  are already being worked on.  The Defense Advanced Research And Projects Agency (or DARPA, an agency of the US Department of Defense) recently put out a call for a new project called  “Advanced Tools For Mammalian Genome Engineering”. 

This solicitation calls for creating a 47th chromosome for humans  to make genetically engineering us easier.  Truth is stranger than fiction!

The time is now 

We are now ready for this movement to get a huge push out into the mainstream.  I believe this movie can do it.  Currently, many states are working on labeling legislation, and there is even a federal labeling bill that has been proposed. Washington State has an initiative on the Nov. ballot.  The momentum is building, and I feel this movie is an unprecedented opportunity to reach millions we would probably never reach or reach too late. 

 So, I’m asking that you please take a moment and commit the price of a latte as an investment in the future of our food.  If we can donate enough to help with the funding to finish the film, larger funders will see that this is an important movie with an important message - delivered in action packed fun and fear.  SANTO 7.13.15 has all the makings of a blockbuster that will appeal to all sorts of folks - those who already care about our food today, and also those who will hopefully be glad they took the hour and half to wake up to what’s happening all around them without their knowledge or consent  (while at the same time, being entertained by a great SciFi film!)

The Indigogo Campaign where you can make a donation to help fund SANTO, can be found here.  I look forward to seeing all of us listed on the end credits as having ensured this movie and its message reaches millions. 

Thanks for listening and see you on the streets!

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