Article in Farmer's Market Newsletter 7/13/12

Do You Care What’s in Your Food? 
Vote “Yes” on Prop. 37 to Secure YOUR RIGHT TO KNOW.

Most Americans consume “genetically engineered” (also called GMO) foods daily without knowing it.  60% - 70% of processed foods contain GMOs. Most canola, corn, and soy crops in the US are GMO. 

A GMO is a plant or meat product that has had its DNA artificially altered by genes from other species of plant, animal, virus, or bacteria in a laboratory. The risks to human health are serious enough to have caused 40 countries to require labeling of GMO foods, including the European Union, Japan, and China.  

Don’t you think it’s time for us to have the right to know what’s in our food too, so we can make informed decisions?  Click here to learn how you can help secure your RIGHT TO KNOW by voting “Yes” on Proposition 37 this November: The California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.

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Launching Phase 3 June 10th, & The Human Revolution Concert June 23

~Help Get GMO Food Labeling Passed in November~
All eyes are on California because we collected enough signatures to get labeling for genetically engineered food on the November ballot. Join with GMO-Free Santa Cruz to get this historic initiative passed so we can know what is in our food and make informed decisions.

Please join us for a very important meeting that will be both an introduction to Phase 3 of the campaign - and a celebration of Santa cruz's success of collecting 15,000 signatures!
We will be discussing Endorsements & Outreach to our community to educate and to persuade each and every person to vote YES in November. 
Come meet Pamm Larry, the grandmother who started the California Right to Know campaign and find out how you can help even if you have just a little time.

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Jan. 28 Update

"Consumers need to be aware. It's an issue of organic integrity," said Straus, who noted that the lack of labeling made it impossible for shoppers to be sure that the food they purchased was organic — even when labeled as such. -GM Watch


Sponsored by The Committee For The Right To Know.  California Recipient Committee # 1337480  

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GMO Education Class @ SC Reskilling Expo!

We’re on TV!


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Jan. 11, 2012 Update ~JOIN US!~



Sponsored by The Committee For The Right To Know.  California Recipient Committee # 1337480


Important Changes to Initiative--Training Dates--Upcoming Events: GMO Education Class

Hi everyone...

Join us to fight for GMO Labeling and become a Volunteer Signature Gatherer, see trainings below!

We now have over 70 people who have been trained to gather signatures for the CA GMO Labeling Initiative in the Santa Cruz area and... statewide we have over 1,300 volunteer signature gatherers!   Please be sure to keep “tuned in” to emails from GMO-Free Santa Cruz, and be sure to add into your contacts to be sure they don't go into a spam folder They are the best way for us to communicate with you about upcoming news, events, and any changes that might occur such as...

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January & Febuary Signature Gatherers Training Workshop

Help Us with this Historic Opportunity to FINALLY get GMO Food Labeled in California!
We need you NOW to make this grassroots movement successful!


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Label GMOs Santa Cruz Outreach @ 2 January Movie Premieres

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GMO-Free Santa Cruz at the Holiday Parade!


Click on this blog to Watch our awesome GMO-Free Right to Know Santa Cruz Team march for the Downtown Holiday Parade for Label GMOs.

Announced by Lex from Survivor.
Song was to the tune of Jingle Bells chorus:

"GMOs, GMOs, 
Hiding in our food, 
Oh how great it will be
to say buh-bye to you!"

                                        Our part starts at 38:53

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Genetically Engineering and Labeling Initiative Presentation

Two brilliant volunteers discuss GMO's and the Labeling Initiative at Santa Cruz's "Who Declared War on our Health?" Freedom Forum
(Sound is a little scratchy in begining but goes away)

Santa Cruz Forum 11/16/11 to discuss labeling initiative for California for GMO foods to give consumers a choice in their foods. 

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Santa Cruz World Food Day March Oct. 16, 2011

Rally Video

GMO-Free Santa Cruz's Marches in solidarity with the Right to Know March! 
50 Santa Cruzians marched through downtown for the  Right to Know if GMOs are in food we are eating. 

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