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Update 5/29/13 - 
Volunteer needed to help a Mothers Across America March to Label GMOs in the Aptos 4th of July Parade. 
See more info here. If interested email us at

Must Listen to California's Label GMO Hero, on Focus on Food ep 29.  May 16, 2013. Post-Prop 37 & all about GMOs that you need to know (that you don't!) Pamm's the one who started Prop 37, and pushed on through while so many turned their backs to it. She's the ultimate leader! SHARE PLEASE, spread the AWARENESS about GMOs & the ugliness behind our country's Big Food Corporations & Govnment! 

March Against Monsanto Santa Cruz, CA 5.25.13 See more & Share this, help spread the AWARENESS!collage_MAMsmall.jpg

Boycott Kellogs Rally: Click to see it here! 4.21.13
~Kellogg's puts GMOs in thier North America's products, but not in Europe and many other countries.
~Kellogg's spent $800,000 to FIGHT against Prop 37 to Label GMOs
——>WRITE KELLOGG'S NOW - Go here to find where to write them: Kellogs Boycott541394_477144329005381_1914774930_n.jpg

GMO Salmon - The comment period to tell the FDA "NO GMO Salmon" closed on April 26th. Click here for actions you can take & short summary about the reasons why. Or for a more comprehensive piece go to

FDA Public Comment Docket Folder:  Genetically Engineered Salmon 

Docket # FDA-2011-N-0899



The Opposition fought DIRTY! They spent over $45 million dollars in Deceptive Lies & Confusion drowning California screens, airwaves & mailboxes. Read about the truth here: was posted in local SC papers:       (Bigger version here:


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Past radio show "The Right to Know Show" on 1080am KSCO, Listen to Past Shows ---> Thank-you New Leaf, for sponsoring!!
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    Volunteers: keep your signs & badges for next phase!
    You can also stick them in your car windows.
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