Sandwich Board Designs

You can download these and paste to cardboard to make your own sandwich board signs!!! I will try to have a stash too. THANKS SANTA CRUZ!!!!


Sandwich board document Option 1
Print. Cut. Paste on posterboard. Staple both sides with ribbon. Wear!

(Please give us feedback if this is working for you - and look through more materials!)

Easiest way to print:
Open this picture from its thumbnail in facebook.
Drag this pic to your Desktop, then open a blank doc in word or program and drag to the blank document and resize! 
(you might have to mess with "wrap text" to move it around)

Other ways to save to your computer:
- On this page find "download" should be over on this side—>
under "tag this photo" and "add location"

- On a mac have your cursor on the pic, hit "ctrl" and click with mouse. Scroll down and click "save as.."

- With a 2 button mouse, right click and click the save as button.

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