San Diego County Group

Do you want to have genetically engineered foods (GMOs) labeled?

We are part of the original grassroots group that organized to get the Label GMOs ballot initiative going in California. Join us to help educate every single San Diegan about the risks of GMOs.

We need your help - get involved in your community and make the difference!

You can help us by

volunteering your time
making a donation to support California legislative/initiative efforts (any amount counts!)
-  bringing your friends and family to one of our local events.

To learn more about dangers of genetically engineered foods (GMOs), you are welcome to

-  attend one of our local events
-  join our yahoo interactive email group to stay connected with other volunteers (or only get notices of upcoming events  and meetings by choosing "Special Notices") by emailing
-  visit our education site
download a flyer at

-  email us at if you have other questions.

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