Article from Farmer's Market Newsletter Part 2

Vote Yes on Proposition 37 to Secure Your RIGHT TO KNOW What’s in Your Food

Proposition 37 will be on the California ballot in November, 2012. It is a very simple, straight-forward measure that would require foods sold in retail stores that are made with genetically engineered materials to be labeled as such. 

There are a few exemptions -- the initiative does not require labeling for foods prepared for immediate consumption (for example, restaurants or salad bars), nor does it cover animals that have been injected with growth hormones, fed genetically engineered feed, or cloned, as long as those animals have not themselves been genetically engineered.

What You Can Do to Help Get GMO Food Labeling Passed 

While some 90% of Americans are in favor of labeling, we all need to proactively promote the GMO food labeling measure because the opposition will be spending upwards of $60 million to defeat it.

Here are simple things you can do to support passage of the food labeling measure:

1. Vote for Prop. #37 this November, The California Right to Know Food Act, and tell everybody you know how important it is that they vote Yes for it too.

2. Get the facts: attend “Speaking Out for Healthier Food, The Truth about GMOs Tour” with Jeffrey M. Smith and Ocean Robbins on August 1, 6:30 pm at the Louden Nelson Community Center.  More information at:

3. Endorse the food labeling measure – as an individual or business owner at

4. Post a window or yard sign – request these on the endorsement form at

5. Learn more about the risks of GMOs and the campaign online:

6. Become a volunteer with GMO-Free Santa Cruz and help us spread the word by gathering endorsements – even if you have limited time, you can make a difference. and check out upcoming events

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