Organizational Meeting With Pamm Larry June 4th!

"ALL EYES ARE ON CALIFORNIA!"  19 states have attempted genetically engineered food labeling bills and none of them have passed.  It's up to us folks!  What are you willing to do help get this initiative passed?  We only have a few short months to make a difference.  The opposition has already launched their misinformation campaign to scare Californian's to vote against labeling.  They have the money and the staff BUT THEY DON'T HAVE US!

Please join us for this very important upcoming meeting to introduce you to the next phase of the campaign.  We will be discussing and sharing ideas about how we can reach out to our community to educate and to persuade each and every one of them to vote YES in November.  We can't win this without YOU!

Click here for more info and to RSVP.

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