Organic Sacramento Presents Jeffrey M. Smith on July 28th at the Crest Theater


Organic Sacramento Presents

“You’re Eating WHAT?”

July 28, 2012

Join us July 28, at 6:00 pm in the Crest Theater for an evening of

FREE Organic Food, FREE Wine and Beer tasting


Inspiring Music and Education

6:00 Reception and Organic Food Tasting

7:30 Jeffrey M. Smith and Pamm Larry

9:00 Open Forum and Questions


                                      FREE Gift Bag                                    Tickets $10, $7 Seniors and Students

                                   FREE Door Prize Drawing         (916) 716-BASS tickets available after July 7th


Keynote Speaker: Jeffrey M. Smith

“The Truth about GMOs”


Jeffrey M. Smith is the Founder of the Institute for Responsible Technology

and author of Genetic Roulette and Seeds of Deception,

- the world’s bestselling book on the topic of the genetic manipulation of our food.




Belinda Martineau, Ph.D. - Geneticist, former Genetic Engineer    
Kelly Sutton, M.D. - Pediatrics, Internal Medicine

AND Pamm Larry, Founder of the California Initiative to Label GMOs


In the US, genetically engineered foods are not labeled.

90 % of people polled in the US would like labels on foods.

1 million Californians signed the Right to Know Initiative!

50 countries around the world now label GMOs.


Crest Theater, 1013   K Street

Sacramento, CA 95814

10th and K Street
 will be posted after July 7th on Jeffrey M. Smith's calendar.


Call 916 715-2731 Jessica for information.


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  • Pamm Larry
    I also see.. just because you post it in your county events, doesn’t mean it transfers to the website event page. You have to put the info into the events page directly. Thanks!
  • Pamm Larry have the event post on the website, please check the resources page here on NING and find the “how to post an event” document. You have to go to, then follow the directions carefully. If the event does not post on the map, it’s probably because you don’t have the address listed in a way that google recognizes it. You have to google the venue and put it in exactly as google has it. Let me know if you have challenges. Thanks!
  • Jessica Denning
    Yes, Ariane said that she will try to get it up on www.truthaboutgmos by Thursday…
    Thom Wallace just posted this as an event on IRT by himself.
    We invited the mayor, and are inviting the governor, elected officials… it is shaping up to be a wonderful evening!
    I posted it here on Label GMOS in the County events but don’t know how to find it again and it does not appear on Labelgmos when I enter my zip code in events. What is happening?
    Also, I do not see how to edit my previous post on this event..
  • Pamm Larry
    Hey…you are getting it posted on IRT’s site via Ariane, yes? Were you needing us to contact them for that? Just wanted to be clear :)
  • Jessica Denning
    1-800-225-2277 is the number for
    tickets should be available by July 7th, and posting on Responsible Technology’s site should be up by then too. An inspiring evening with Organic Sacramento!
  • Jessica Denning