Why are the animals that eat GE feed exempt from being labeled?

"The exemptions are there for specific reasons. Initiative in CA can only be about one issue. An animal that eats GE feed can be construed as a different issue than an animal that is, itself, genetically engineered. This could be challenged in courts and would increase the likelihood if it being struck down so no gain whatsoever. So, although the writers of the initiative were not happy about it, we had to let that one go for now. If you read the microingredients portion, you will notice that it is only for 7 years. Why? Because these microingredients are very difficult to source nonGMO. They can only be .5% each and there can be no more than 10 in one item. The thinking was that if, say, a producer had corn flakes that were 90% GMO corn, 2% other stuff and 3% GMO microingredients. If they chose to source NonGMO corn, but still had to label because of the microingredients, then they would not bother. Make sense? Again..this is for a phase in period only. We ask that folks consider the monumental impact this will have and how difficult it will be to get passed. Andy Kimbrell suggests looking at it like this: if you have an accident and someone has multiple wounds, but is bleeding to death, you stop the hemorrhage first, then tend to the other wounds. Very little in politics is perfect. This is the best initiative that could get passed in 2012 Calfornia. BTW..are you aware that the EU has a .9% tolerance level for GMOs in their food? This is NOT an easy thing to do."

Feel free to contact Pamm at plarry@labelgmos.org if you want to talk more. 

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