AV Mall

Please read this before collecting signatures at the AV mall

In order to use the AV mall to gather signatures, we need to submit applications to the mall management office (handled by the leadership team), and list the days AND TIMES we will be there. They require us to be set up in 1 of 2 designated locations within the mall with a table and chairs. IF THE TABLE IS FOUND TO BE UNATTENDED FOR MORE THAN 20 MINUTES AT ANY TIME, WE FORFEIT OUR RIGHT TO BE THERE IN THE FUTURE.

We were able to collect quite a few signatures in a fairly short amount of time there, so the mall is a good place to go. However, we will have to be very careful about what we commit to on the applications. I would like to suggest that we each try to take at least one shift a month at the mall, but we need to make sure we are aligned on the dates and times we will and won't be there in order to keep this place as an open location for us to use through the end of April.

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