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"Consumers need to be aware. It's an issue of organic integrity," said Straus, who noted that the lack of labeling made it impossible for shoppers to be sure that the food they purchased was organic — even when labeled as such. -GM Watch


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- Petition Launch

- Last Training

- Table Donations?

- Staff of Life News

- Help with Volunteer T-shirts?



GMO Education Class @ SC Reskilling Expo!

We’re on TV!



Saturday, February 18th the PETITION BEGINS!

Where to sign: http://www.labelgmos.org/gmofreesc/santa_cruz_where_to_come_sign_the_petition

Make sure you sign and everyone else you know!!!  


 (To the newcomers!) Welcome to our grassroots effort to get genetically engineered foods (GMOs) labeled here in California!

We are the local Santa Cruz group:  GMO-Free Santa Cruz. 

Check us out at  www.labelgmos.org/santacruz  

and follow us on facebook at:   https://www.facebook.com/nongmosantacruz  



Last Training (before we start)

Want to be a part of this incredible grass-roots campaign by volunteering to gather signatures for The California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act of 2012?


It's getting very close to the start of our signature gathering time for the GMO labeling initiative!  Just think - this initiative could change the course of food and provide us with the  knowledge of what we are eating - which should be our  basic right! 


The campaign requires that all volunteer signature gatherers attend a 1-hour training workshop before they can begin to collect signatures for this initiative.  The purpose of the training is to make sure that we will be following all procedures correctly so that the signatures we do gather will be counted as valid and not be disqualified.  At this time, we have one last training scheduled for people to attend before the petition begins.  This training is scheduled for:

Sunday, February 12th, 3:30 - 4:30 http://www.labelgmos.org/gmofreesc/santa_cruz_signature_gatherers_training_workshop_2012122_2012212 


To be  held at the Westside New Leaf Market at 1101 Fair Ave. in Santa Cruz.


Please RSVP to this email address or online and tell us if you will be able to attend. Our official start date to gather signatures is February 18th.  As of this date, we will have approximately 8 weeks to get this historic initiative on the November 2012 California ballot.  We will need an "army" of signature gatherers to accomplish this goal! 


In today's hectic world, we are all tired and so, so busy.  It's hard to take  time to do one more thing.  And some people have given up - because they think it's too late to do anything about the GMOs in the food chain and because the corporations that own them are so powerful. It's true that there is some contamination, but it's not universal yet and it can be kept to one-two percent with labeling. So won’t you please join us and let's get this done!


Thank you again for your interest in this vital campaign.  Please join our ranks of signature gatherers - this could be our last chance to stop huge biotech corporations from contaminating our food supply forever!


Can you Donate Items To The Campaign?:

Got Tables?

Please let us know at gmofreesc@gmail.com if you have a folding table (card table or smaller) or Ironing board that we could have or borrow.  We have a limited number of tables to “spread around” for  so many time slots at so many venues. Whole Foods has said that we must be sitting or standing at a table as we collect signatures.  Most New Leaf Markets require that we be seated  at a table while we collect signatures. (New Leaf Market, Felton & Boulder Creek do not have this requirement).  To date,, none of the approved  venues have said that we can store our tables at their location.  We are in the process of finding places where we can store tables so that volunteers can pick them up for their shifts – If you know a place willing to do this, let us know!.  So it will help tremendously if you can donate a table for the campaign to use.  If you are able to buy a table to donate, Costco has the best-sized ones (about 1 1/2 ft. by 2 1/2 ft.) online, they used to be at thier store for $20.

Other donations that we’d appreciate:

- Legal size clipboards

- Stools

- Canopies (ez ups) or large umbrella for rain

-Donate our Volunteer T-shirts (see the “Help with T-shirt’s” near the bottom)

-Send monetary donations to: https://labelgmos.nationbuilder.com/donate (They need all the info they ask for, otherwise $ will go to the state! You can send them a check and also mark it to go to your local Santa Cruz team)




Staff of Life (good) News

Jaws dropped last Sunday night when we told attendees at our signature gathering training that we still had not been able to get Staff of Life to allow us to collect signatures at their store. So we wanted to let you know that we just got word that we finally have their permission to collect signatures at their store.  YAY!  



 FUN AND INTERESTING ways to help & participate in this exciting & still growing non-GMO movement:


  • Unknown.jpeg Interested in helping with the volunteer t-shirt project? Please email us and let us know! We have a local Environmentally Conscious Business, Notorious Teaze, that is willing to work with us on Label GMO Volunteer T-shirts.  The only problem we have is time; Mary and I are very busy and can’t take on another project.

  • GMO Poster up the town!
images-3.jpegHelp us post up to get the word out! Here’s also a link to it: https://www.santacruzposter.doc


Feb. 5thimages-4.jpeg



Jan 31st & Feb 7th &14thimages-2.jpeg


Our very own Patti Bond was on Eco-Review with Thomas Wittman (Eco Farm) and Dave Murphy (Food Democracy Now) discussing the GMO Food Labeling Initiative!



The Green Carnation Pesticide Awareness Month

FEBRUARY is The Green Carnation Pesticide Awareness Month

Spread the News!

This simple demonstration shows exactly how a plant takes up pesticide and cannot be washed off.  It is an "Ah Ha" moment for everyone.

Simply put some WHITE CARNATIONS into a jar/vase of water with a generous amount of GREEN FOOD COLORING overnight or a few hours.

Untitled.pngCheck out the Website for more insight. http://www.wix.com/greencarnationprojec/the-green-carnation-



Your Local Team Coordinators

Mary Graydon-Fontana & Tarah Locke

Thanks to some of our Local SUPPORTERS:



New Leaf image.jpgway of life.png





GMO-Free Santa Cruz Coordinators 

-----Tarah Locke (My Facebook) & Mary Graydon-Fontana

UCSC Label GMO Coordinators

    Kyle Fujisawa & Wayland He


Facebook Twitter


CA 2012 Label GMO Ballot Initiative


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