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Important Changes to Initiative--Training Dates--Upcoming Events: GMO Education Class

Hi everyone...

Join us to fight for GMO Labeling and become a Volunteer Signature Gatherer, see trainings below!

We now have over 70 people who have been trained to gather signatures for the CA GMO Labeling Initiative in the Santa Cruz area and... statewide we have over 1,300 volunteer signature gatherers!   Please be sure to keep “tuned in” to emails from GMO-Free Santa Cruz, and be sure to add gmofreesc@gmail.com into your contacts to be sure they don't go into a spam folder They are the best way for us to communicate with you about upcoming news, events, and any changes that might occur such as...


About a month ago, there was a federal court case (the Cargill lawsuit) that included 2 rulings that made it necessary to change the wording of our initiative.  The two rulings had to do with (1.) GE foods not being allowed  to be called “natural”  and (2.) GE foods being labeled.

The federal court ruled that GE foods should not be allowed to be called “natural”.  Yay!  - but the second part about GE foods being labeled did not pass - because the Federal Government has their own labeling laws regarding ingredients, and these cannot be challenged at the state level.



We are very lucky that this was caught now and not AFTER we started gathering signatures, or when we finished gathering signatures - as it would never have gone through.  The other good news is that now included in the new text of the initiative is the statement that any food product that has GE ingredients or goes through the GE process cannot have anything with the word “natural” on the packaging. Yay again!


The actual labeling of processed (packaged) foods will be a little different than what was in the initial writing, but it will still be known that the product was “produced by genetic engineering” - it just won’t be specific to an ingredient because of the federal law.  According to the campaign, this change will actually make our initiative stronger legally.  It will be in compliance with a Federal court ruling, and it will include the part about products that are labeled as “natural” not being allowed to have GE ingredients in them.



The new text of the initiative has been sent into the State, and now we will receive our title and summary in the 2nd week of February, instead of  January.  That means we will begin signature gathering in mid Feb. instead of early January.  We will still have until mid-April to gather 850,000 signatures.  It will put us  back a little, but now we have an extra month to train more signature gatherers, to firm up more venues for signature gathering, to get our social network up and running, and  to generally get more organized. 

There is still time to volunteer to help collect signatures for this important initiative We will be having more Signature Gathering Trainings SEE NEXT

Training Dates to become a  Signature Gathering Volunteer:

Monday, January 16th, 6:30 - 7:30 pm  http://www.labelgmos.org/gmofreesc

Sunday, January 22nd, 3:30 - 4:30 pm http://www.labelgmos.org/432/

Sunday, February 12th 3:30 - 4:30 pm http://www.labelgmos.org/gmofreesc/

All three trainings will be held at the Westside New Leaf Market, 1101 Fair St., Santa Cruz

We need you! - So please join us and help us Gather Signatures to put GMO Labeling on California's 2012 Ballot!

                           RSVP online or at gmofreesc@gmail.com and let us know which training you can attend

Find all California events here: www.labelgmos.org/events


Thanks to Rachel Pachivas, East Bay Coordinator - we have been given permission to collect signatures in front of the Whole Foods stores in our area!   We will be scheduling regular shifts for those who will be Signature Gathering.


February 18th - Formal “Launch” Date.  We begin gathering signatures for the labeling initiative.  Look for our petitions at the farmers markets, at New Leaf stores, and at Whole Foods stores. More venues will be added shortly!

To stay in touch:



 like us on www.facebook.com/nongmosantacruz & Twitter: GMOfreeSC

We will continue to keep you apprised of our plans as they evolve.  We want to keep connected up with you through email, facebook, phone, and our GMOs' Social Network for Santa Cruz www.labelgmos.org/santacruz.   Thank you again for choosing to be part of this vital campaign to keep our food safe!

Tarah Locke


Come see the Initial Instigator of this historic Initiative at the Eco-Farm Conference

Pamm Larry will be speaking at the Eco-Farm Conference Saturday Morning February 4th in Pacific Grove.

Visit EcoFarm's website for more info www.ecofarmconference.org


Santa Cruz Reskilling Expo.
February 5th,, 10 am to 4 pm 
Museum of Art and History,  705 Front Street, Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Reskilling Expo's mission is to strengthen the reskilling movement locally by regularly teaching sustainable daily-living skills, to promote skill-sharing for a resilient common future and to enhance the development of self-reliance in Santa Cruz County.


GMO-Free Santa Cruz will be presenting a class at 11:30 am



In their class, GMO-Free Santa Cruz will present information about Genetically Engineered foods and their possible negative health and environmental effects. It will explore ways to confront these challenges - including the grassroots movement to stop GE foods and the current ballot initiative to require that GE foods be labeled in CA.


Sixteen classes will be offered including Seed Saving and Plant Breeding (Jared Zystro), The Elements of Food Sovereignty (Michelle Glowa), Getting Started with Bees (Karla DeLong), Medicine of Local Herbs (Darren Huckle) and Sustainable Food Prep - Occupy Your Kitchen (Joseph Schultz). TimeBank Santa Cruz will debut at 1:00 in the Auditorium. TimeBank Members trade services hour for hour. Learn more: http://santacruz.timebanks.org

Admission by donation: $5 to $25. For a complete schedule and more information about teachers and classes, visit www.reskillingexpo.org and find us on Facebook.

Support our "supporters"!  

The Connection Magazine has been actively educating its readership for many years now about the dangers of GMOs. This magazine will include the schedule of meetings, events, etc. having to do with GMOs. You can get copies all over Santa Cruz & Monterey Counties. OR, read it online at their website:  www.connectionmagazineonline.com . They appreciate participation & communication. Call them at:

(831) 459-0522 or email: awaken@connectionmagazineonline.com  .

GMO-Free Santa Cruz Coordinators - Tarah Locke (My Facebook) & Mary Graydon-Fontana
UCSC Label GMO Coordinators - Kyle Fujisawa & Wayland He
CA 2012 Label GMO Ballot Initiative

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