Oxnard - Walmart Signature Gathering and Demonstration

Nine Label GMO volunteers and more Occupy 805 folks joined Food and Water Watch (FWW) Saturday at Walmart educating hundreds with our 'baby flyers' (Eng & Spn). LabelGMO's Ron Whitehurst joined the FWW organizer in a friendly meeting with the Walmart manager.

The rainstorm let up between 2 and 4 when the action was planned, but it was cold and wind gusts occasionally swept materials double-bagged in 2 gallon ziplock bags off the ironing boards but that only seemed to make shoppers more interested. Why would this motley gang, a couple with LabelGMOs.org in big letters on yellow raincoats, go to that extreme with some message about the food?  Our flyers, designed by Suzette Brown of the Ventura Label GMOs team, show a photo of a baby and explain to someone who has never heard about GE food, what it is, why it's harmful, how to avoid it, how to learn more, how to get involved with us. It also lays out the four big lies from Monsanto along with the truth that will motivate voters to come out in November with a big YES. 

We told many receptive shoppers, "Monsanto is doing weird stuff to the corn; we're asking Walmart not to sell it". Ron gave the Walmart manager a DVD of Jeffrey Smith's talk about Health Hazards of GE Food (downloadable at responsibletechnology.org). We collected over 50 signatures in 3 hours, many more than a two-person team could have attracted, thanks to the collaborative friendly upbeat 'barking' with FWW and Occupy.

We more than achieved our goals to have fun, be educational and respectful to Walmart management amd shoppers and support a national campaign to convince Walmart to reject the GE Sweet Corn hopefully before time for planting. This product has herbicide resistance AND pesticide engineered traits (Bt) with no safety evaluation making it the new generation of 'stacked' GE products. Monsanto can make bigger profits by selling even more chemical pesticides to farmers.

Wanting to appear green and being green in more and more ways, Walmart could decide not to sell it, baut more pressure seems to be needed. Being big, it is likely that other retailers will follow their lead, and farmers will get the message not to plant it. They would be joining Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and General Mills who have pledged not to sell this Monsanto product.

Those who were not or could not register to vote got a paper business card handout that reads:  Say No to Genetically Engineered Food  ---   Donate for the CA initiative: http://labelgmos.org  --  Tell: USDA to reject Agent Orange Corn, FDA to label GE food, and Walmart to reject Monsanto's new GE Sweet Corn at www.centerforfoodsafety.org/campaigns

For more about the Food and Water Watch campaign and to sign the petition to Walmart, go to: http://action.foodandwaterwatch.org/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=9105  The next big action is a national call-in on Wednesday the 28th. Go the website and pledge to call.

March 17, 2012 at 2pm - April 06, 2012
Oxnard Walmart
2001 N Rose Ave
Oxnard, CA 93036
United States
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