Location Suggestions

High traffic areas, weekends and 4-6pm weekdays are ideal, don’t waste your time with inactive venues.  We will also have scheduling and available time-slots for the most important venues.  If you want help, there are plenty of us that will partner with you.

Farmers Markets > We have permission to table at everyone, check in with manager when you get there except Downtown.

Markets >Trader Joes, Safeway (Approach manager that day, or stay on public sidewalks)

Public sidewalk <setup a table on the sidewalk in the busiest area of town at the busiest time
< or, you could walk up & down main with your petitions and a Sandwich board around your neck
< a table is ok as long as you do not block traffic
Ex. WestCliff, Eastcliff, Downtown, Capitola Village

Businesses < see if you can sign-up all their employees  --they might let you setup a little table somewhere  --think busy places, or many employees

 Non-Profits < see if you can sign-up everyone in the office

Events < talk to the organizer and see if you can participate  --meetups (meetup.com), look at weekly events, festivals, parties, business mixers, Occupy protests

Your event < movie, pot-luck (dishes labeled non-GMO), bash, Seminar, birthday

Schools    < University UCSC, College Cabrillo, Set up table when its Pick up time at your kid's school, etc

Churches or places of worship

Other    < Post Offices, Library, Coffee shops, mom & pop stores, Beach Art Show, the bike lane at the beach, garage sales  --Where are the lines? (big movies premeir, concerts)

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