Jan 27th Volunteer Email Letter



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-  Supplies

-  Ways to sign up for signature gathering time slots

-  Staff of LIfe (good) News

-  Share your contact info?  What’s this?

-  Help with Volunteer T-shirts? and more FUN things



Saturday, Feb. 18th - 3pm to 5pm at the Live Oak Grange on 17th Ave.



Signature Gathering “Kit”

Hey - all you great signature gatherers - we’re hoping that you are “chomping at the bit!”  to get out there and get those petitions filled with signatures!  February 18th is our official date for beginning signature gathering.  With that date in mind, we are asking that you start putting together a Signature Gathering “Kit” for yourself - which should include:

-  4 or 5 pens                                                                                                                                         

-Two legal size clipboards

-  Several “petition” boards (9x18 sturdy cardboard with rubber bands) - can be used to hold petitions for other counties or a form to sign up enthusiastic people who want to volunteer, etc.

-  The campaign sign if you were given one at our Jan. 7th Organizing Event.  If possible, please laminate it so it will hold up in the weather.  (Staples, Office Max, or at Fed - Ex)

-  Also, be thinking about having a small chair or stool that you can use to sit at a table - some of the stores are requiring that we sit at a table.


Got Tables?

Please let us know at gmofreesc@gmail.com if you have your own folding table (card table or smaller) that you can use at a venue where you will be collecting signatures.  We have a limited number of tables to “spread around”  to so many time slots at so many venues. Whole Foods has said that we must be sitting or standing at a table as we collect signatures.  Most New Leaf Marketsrequire that we be sitting at a table while we collect signatures. (New Leaf Market, Felton & Boulder Creek do not have this requirement) So far, none of these venues has said that we can store our tables at their location.  We are in the process of finding places where we can store tables that volunteers can pick up for their shifts - but it’s very slow going.  So it will help tremendously if you have (or can borrow) a table to use and if you have your own stool or chair.  If you are able to buy a table, Costco has the best-sized ones (about 1 1/2 ft. by 2 1/2 ft.) for $20.


What We Will Provide:

We will be providing campaign signs for your tables (for those who don’t have them yet), petitions, a half page flyer to give out to people who want more info, sandwich board type signs for us to wear (optional), volunteer “badges” for you to wear.   And we do have some tables.

We don’t have a lot of $ - but we will be providing LOTS of ENCOURAGEMENT  and APPRECIATION to all of you who have chosen to take on this challenge.  It’s truly a “David and Goliath” effort - YOU will be working to protect our food supply from being contaminated forever. Once GMOs are in the environment there is no way to prevent their spread - we have no time to waste!


Signing Up for Signature-Gathering Time Slots

We are in the process of filling in our scheduled time slots for gathering signatures at the 2 Whole Foods stores, the 5 New Leaf Markets, and at the 5 Farmers Markets and Staff of life.  We are working on getting other businesses on board.  There will be various ways that you can sign up for these time slots:

1.   You can sign up at our “Launch Event” on February 18th at the Live Oak Grange from 3-5pm. We’ll have sign-up sheets there.

2.   Tarah is working on a website which potentially can be an interactive site where volunteers can sign up  for time slots.  This could be our invaluable online network hub for coordinating volunteers and talking with each other, but for this to be effective, everyone needs to sign-up on our website, www.labelgmos.org/santacruz - For those having technical difficulties-instructions are written near the bottom of our website’s homepage (Please note: Our Santa Cruz Website is helping test this out for the WHOLE campaign, so if there are any bugs, please report to Tarah)_

3.   Then there will be the labor intensive "old-fashioned way" of signing up.  Someone will be phoning and/or emailing you individually to request your time for available venues and time slots.

4.   Any other creative ways we can come up with that will work to get all of you out there helping to get this initiative on the ballot for Nov. 2012!We know that all of you will also be collecting signatures from friends, families, groups you belong to, out on the street corners, etc. - and that is GREAT - every valid signature counts!


Staff of LIfe (good) News

Jaws dropped last Sunday night when we told attendees at our signature gathering training that we stillhad not been able to get Staff of Life to allow us to collect signatures at their store. So we wanted to let you know that we just got word that we finally have their permission to collect signatures at their store.  YAY!  We will soon have time slots to sign-up for!


Share Your Contact Info?  What’s This?

We would like to create a way that trained signature gatherers can contact each other if they choose to do so.  This would facilitate your being able to  phone/email  each other to pair up for signature gathering time slots; make it possible for you to share materials if needed, maybe hand off tables and chairs; contact another volunteer to ask if he/she can take your place if you can’t fill a scheduled time slot that you have signed up for, etc., etc.

Tarah is creating a google document on the web that shows all our Trained Volunteers and our available shifts. When it's ready, you’ll get a link to view it in your email, save this email so you can easily access the document. Tarah and Mary will be the only ones able to fill in the shifts in this document. PLEASE LET US KNOW OTHER PLACES YOU ARE PLANNING TO COLLECT SIGNATURES so others can see where we are all gathering and not go at the same time.

Remember  - you are one of a special group of approximately 80 people who have been trained to gather signatures for this initiative in the Santa Cruz area.   This document will ONLY share contact information among trained signature gatherers (that’s you).  We have over 800 supporters on our email list who have signed up just to get updates.  Your contact information will NOT be available to them through this document.

 If you do not want your contact info included in this document, then let us know atgmofreesc@gmail.com what you would like included: Name only, name and phone only, name and email address only and we will comply with your wishes.


As we get closer to our petitioning start date PLEASE STAY TUNED TO EMAILS FROM GMO-FREE SANTA CRUZ, as it is our main avenue of communication with you!  More information about our Launch Event will be coming soon.

Your Local Team Coordinators

Mary & Tarah



Other  FUN AND INTERESTING ways to help & participate in this exciting  and growing non-GMO movement:


  • Interested in helping with the volunteer t-shirt project? Please email us and let us know! We have a local Environmentally Conscious Business, Notorious Teaze, that is willing to work with us on Label GMO Volunteer T-shirts.  The only problem we have is time; Mary and I are very busy and can’t take on another project. 

  • GMO Class on GMO Food Education & Labeling Movement.  It`s at the Santa Cruz Reskilling Expo on Feb. 5th at 11:30am.                                                                                                              Come & encourage your friends alsohttp://www.reskillingexpo.org/schedule/index.html

  • FLASH MOB- Santa Cruz Label GMOs!  Please help make this message go viral!

Share this with your friends through email, Facebook, twitter, etc.



The Green Carnation Pesticide Awareness Month
FEBRUARY is The Green Carnation Pesticide Awareness Month

Spread the News!

This simple demonstration shows exactly how a plant takes up pesticide and cannot be washed off.  It is an "Ah Ha" moment for everyone.

Simply put some WHITE CARNATIONS into a jar/vase of water with a generous amount of GREEN FOOD COLORING overnight or a few hours.

Check out the Website for more insight. http://www.wix.com/greencarnationprojec/the-green-carnation

jan10cover3d1a.jpegNew Leaf image.jpgGrange.pngNew Natives.pngway of life.png 

GMO-Free Santa Cruz Coordinators 
   Tarah Locke  & Mary Graydon-Fontana
UCSC Label GMO Coordinators 
   Kyle Fujisawa & Wayland He
CA 2012 Label GMO Ballot Initiative

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