First Long Week in the Field

The petitions we turned in for Feb 17-20 totaled around 1200 (roughly 750 in Ventura/Oxnard & 550 Ojai).

Feb 21-26 (2nd week) we got 1344, split half between Ojai and Ventura.

Rainbow Bridge mostly self-service 2/18-25: Joanie B got 317. Rock out!

Ojai Farmers' Market ( & a few other spots)  2/26 12 volunteers got 262

Ventura Farmers' Market 2/18 8 volunteers got 213  and on 2/25 we got 93

Lassens' 2/25 among 8 volunteers, Omar M and Maurice S pulled in most of the 208 signatures

Other major players were Norma Lamb in the Ojai mobile home parks with 79, Pat and Dottie in East Ventura with 50, Carolyn Shimabuku with 30, Nicole Schoong with 19 at Ojai's Coffee Connection. Various other spots and people amounting to 63.

It's been a great experience at the health food stores and markets. When we've reached a lot of regulars there, we will need new ideas for spots and events.

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