What Are GMOs


Genetically Modified organisms, often called genetically engineered (GE). The correct scientific term is “transgenics.” This is a process whereby the genes of one species are inserted into another species. This term does not include hybrids, selective breeding, grafting or MAS (Marker Assisted Selection). Read more about GMOs here.

Why do you want GMOs labeled?


The main reason we want them labeled is that we see enough independent data to suggest possible health risks. We don’t want to eat them but we can’t know which foods they are in if they aren’t labeled.  It’s a basic consumer right we are asking for- given the conflicting data and our mistrust in an industry that has been proven to hide negative findings, we have the right to know what we are buying and putting in our children’s mouths.

Much of the World Already Requires Labeling for Genetically Engineered Foods

61 countries with over 40% of the world’s population already label genetically engineered foods, including the entire European Union. Even China labels genetically engineered foods. California should lead on this important issue. What do these countries know that we don’t?

What’s the issue? If they are so great, why not advertise them?  Why does the industry that profits from them fight labeling so vehemently and put so many of their resources into keeping their presence in our foods a secret?  Why  are corporate rights continually given precedence over consumer rights?

Check out the resources page for links to places that can educate you on the issues.  A google search will give thousands more.

Aren't GMOs supposed to end world hunger?

What wil happen to the starving world if we do this petition in California?


First off, just because an industry that profits from GMOs  says they will end world hunger, doesn’t mean it’s so.  There are tons of studies that show organic methods and sustainable practices produce better yields than GMOs.   You can google them.

But…hey….this initiative is simply asking for labeling.  What does labeling have to do with ending world hunger? What does our right to choose what we put in our bodies have to do with ending world hunger?   The question is moot.

What's your rush?


New studies point to increased health risks.  Numerous vegetables, fruits and animal products are being developed and considered for approval.  We are concerned with the recent deregulation of the high cross pollinator, alfalfa.  We want to do all we can to ensure our children have the option of organic dairy and meats.

What about Federal preemptions?


Some federal laws preempt or override state laws. The federal government has laws about food labeling.

We make no bones about this being an issue.  We, and many lawyers we’ve consulted, feel it’s time to start challenging this and it will get nowhere if no one ever starts.  We have to ask:  well…what about all the legislation being considered in the states?  If they ever make it through, those might be challenged, yes? Alaska has a salmon labeling law. Has it been challenged?  So we’re supposed to not try this because it might be challenged?  Do we want foods labeled or not?

The FDA’s position on GMOS is that they are unaware of any risks with GMOs and that GMOs are “substantially equivalent” to their non-GMO counterparts.

We know that many of their own scientists have differed with this position, not to mention those at theUnion of Concerned Scientists, and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, and more.  We certainly do.

In addition, we will remind everyone who reads this that at this time, marijuana is illegal at the federal level yet many states have laws that allow it.   The wonderful thing about living in the U.S. is that so much about the law is in constant flux and change.

We want GMO labeling laws changed.  And if We, The People of the United States want it, we are supposed to have a vehicle to get it.   Wasn’t that the whole idea for this country’s origin?   We believe it was and are exercising our rights to make it so.

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