Endorsement Documents

Please help us build a broadlocal coalition that shows the public that their well-trusted businesses/organizations/groups are behind this campaign. We're encouraging those endorsers to also post a sign in their Store windows or doors that say they support Labeling Genetically Engineered Food.
The opposing force will be throwing out all the ill-propaganda they can, and have a lot of money to do it with!

How to Secure an Endorsement - 

How to get endorsements for the initiative:

In Person:
1. Encourage the business owner/organization/person to fill out the entire form. If they are reluctant,
at minimum, have him/her put their signature on the form AND collect a business card from them
and staple that to the top of the form. (If they have a storefront encourage them to post a sign!)

2. Turn forms in to Mary or Tarah promptly so the endorsements can be added to the website. You
can drop off completed endorsement forms at Way of Life - or you can drop them off at Mary’s
home at 423 Marnell Ave., Santa Cruz, 95062. Please call Mary first (831 818 8487)

By Email:
1. There will be an email template on the labelgmos.org/santacruz website that you can copy and
paste in to the body of an email. You can send out individual requests, or send the endorsement
form to many peopole at once (by sending the email to yourself, and putting the email addresses
of intended recipients in the BCC line.). Put your name at the bottom under the Thank you line.

2. When you receive an email reply with an endorsement, FORWARD it to Mary and Tarah at
gmofreesc@gmail.com (Do not copy & paste as your email address, we need it from their email address)

By Phone: If someone agrees to endorse over the phone, send them an email endorsement as
described above.

Endorsement Package:

.doc files will download straight to your computer. Look in your download file on your computer to find them. You can fill them out in word program, attach these to emails & print.
.pdf files will open in a window & in which you can print directly
  • Endorsement Form - 


  •  Endorsement Sign for Local Bussinesses to Post- "We Support Labeling Genetically Engineered Food"

EndorsementPoster.pdf - This is the interim sign, when we get a Prop #, it will be updated

  • Sample Endorsement Letter, with Local Endorsements & FAQs sheet
Endorsement_Request_Letter_FAQs_Local_Endorsements.doc - Local Endorsements will be updated weekly on Tuesdays.
  • Email Form Template



Donation Cards: Need to be filled out by donators

Local Santa Cruz Endorsements - Who supports the GMO Labeling Prop.

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