Did You Know This About GMOs?

Here are some interesting factoids about GMOs and labeling:
  1. Only 26% of the US public understands that most foods including animal products contain GMO ingredients.
  2. Common GMO food ingredients include corn, sugar, vegetable oils, soy, cotton, canola, eggs, milk, and meat from animals fed GMO feed.
  3. An ABC News poll conducted in June 2001 found that 93% of Americans want the Federal government to require mandatory labeling of GMO foods.
  4. GMO labeling is currently mandatory in the following countries:  Australia, China, European Union (27 countries), New Zealand, Norway, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan.
  5. Labeling will give people the option of whether or not to support the genetic engineering industry. 
  6. Boycotting GMOs helps increase likelihood that they will be removed from our food supply.

Help bring awareness to the GMO issue before it is too late. Get involved and be part of the solution. Visit LabelGMOs.org today.

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