Call For National Volunteers For I-522!!

 "Washington's I-522 is heating up, folks and it has GOT TO WIN!!!  We cannot allow biotech's shenanigans and money to steal the vote from the people of Washington like they did ours. 

 "The campaign needs voters to hear from real people, not slick PR campaigns.

"I-522 is the next step in the battle we fought during 37, CT, VT and other states.  It's a strategic step for another ballot initiative here in CA in 2016.  If 522 wins, it'll make our jobs much easier in every way: funding, excitement, momentum, etc. 

"Right now, we are all from Washington in this battle. The grassroots up there needs help and support.  PLEASE sign up to help make calls!!! There is a 30 minute training session this Thursday at 7pm. Sign up here to help Washington win. 

"Please share far and wide.  Send this to your volunteers, then ask them to share with their circles. The I-522 campaign will have a graphic to put on facebook soon and we'll share that when it's available. 

"Let's not let Biotech win!!

"Thanks, All!! Pamm Larry"

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