Big Ag Pivoting To GMOs 2.0- Synthetic Biology

Big Ag is heavily pivoting to GMOs 2.0/synthetic biology and gene editing, particularly given that these new techniques are even less regulated (and most not at all) than transgenics.


“Monsanto's seeds won't be alone in the new bioengineered marketplace. Bayer has set up its own joint venture centered on Crispr gene editing and plans to evaluate its potential to develop new crops. DuPont, Monsanto's biggest rival in the U.S. seed business, has forged its own licenses for gene-editing technologies and plans to sell within four years a gene-edited variety of waxy corn, used to thicken food products and make adhesives. Dow, which is pursuing a merger with DuPont, joined with California-based Sangamo BioSciences to develop Exzact, a separate gene-editing technology.” 

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