Be Prepared

I recently read an article on the website that said, " it's estimated that the opposition [to the Label GMOs act] will spend an estimated $60 - $100 million to convince voters that genetically engineered foods are perfectly safe. They'll try to scare voters into believing that labeling food will be more expensive, that it will sparks hundreds of lawsuits against farmers and small businesses and that it will contribute to world hunger". We need to remember a simple fact - if GMOs are so safe, what's the problem with labeling? In addition, it can be brought up that Monstanto has been responsible for lawsuits against farmers whose crops were unknowingly contaminated by GMOs. Citizens of starving countries are burning GMO food instead of eating it. People want and deserve the right to make a choice about what they are going to feed their families. When faced with opposition, we need to stay strong and stick to the basics. Our health and our future is in jeapordy.

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