Action Alert!!! Call Safeway!!!


Week of Action to Stop GMO Salmon:

Please make 1 phone call during the week of Wed. 9/4 to Tues. 9/10 to Help Stop GMO Salmon.

Week of Action to Stop GMO Salmon:

Please make 1 phone call during the week of Wed. 9/4 to Tues. 9/10 to Help Stop GMO Salmon.

Call Safeway Corporate Office customer service line at 877/723-3929, and have your Safeway or Vons card available if you have one. Your card # may simply be your phone #.  THE SCRIPT YOU CAN USE IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS EMAIL.

This email also lists the various chains that Safeway owns, if you scroll down.

WHY CALL SAFEWAY: Many grocery stores have committed to not selling GMO salmon but Safeway chain, which has about 1500 stores (557 in California) has not. They say they have no plans to sell it at this time, but we are not sure if this will standif and when the FDA approves GMO salmon.  We want Safeway to make a firm commitment NOW to not sell it, and join stores like Target,Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s along with many stores across the country. For current list of nearly 5000 store locations pledging not to sell it, as well as the organizations that are working together on this effort, see

WHY CONTACT GROCERY STORES: This call is part of a larger effort Label GMOs is making to help stop genetically engineered (GMO or GE) salmon from being sold in the US.  The more stores that commit, the less chance it will come to market at all.  Your help is needed today to push us over the line to victory on this issue.  Let’s make our voices heard! 

One recent poll showed 65% of Americans don't want to eat GE fish.  Another recent poll showed 91% of Americans don’t want to allow GE fish into the market.  Stores would be siding with their consumers by pledging not to sell this food.

WHY NOT TO EAT & MANUFACTURE GMO SALMON: It has not been adequately tested for safety of human consumption, is unlikely to be labeled as GMO, and has the potential for far-reaching negative effects on our ecosystem.  For more information, see this article by Lisa Kassner, one of our Label GMOs volunteers:

WILL THE FDA APPROVE IT?  We don’t know.  Many of you called the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) during the comment period this Spring to demand that the FDA reject AquaBounty’s approval request on this salmon, and to demand that it be labeled as GMO if approved.  Thank you!  You were part of a groundswell of over 400,000 voices…but there is still concern that the FDA will approve it.

YOU MAY SHOP AT SAFEWAY & NOT KNOW IT:  Safeway owns many brands of chains, including Vons and Pavilions in California.

To find store to say you shop at:

Wikipedia shows Safeway owns these chains

Phone #: Customer Service: 1-877-723-3929

Time Zone: Their office is on the West Coast. 

SUGGESTED MESSAGES to choose from.  Feel free to personalize it. Try to be positive, friendly and appreciative of their time & interest.


Hi, my name is (X) & I am calling to urge Safeway to pledge to make a firm commitment they will absolutely not knowingly sell genetically engineered salmon & other GMO seafood if and when FDA approves it. 

I am a shopper at your store in (name the location)

I don't want to shop in a store that is going to sell me this fish. (I plan to spend my money at Whole Foods/ Trader Joe’s/ ______ instead.)

You are getting behind your competition! Target, Whole Foods, Gelsons, Trader Joe’s and Sprouts have already committed as well as many other store chains. 


There are thousands of people like me in California who don’t want to buy GMO food and feed it to their families. That’s why we got more than 6 million votes on Proposition 37 to get genetically engineered foods labeled. 

Can you tell me what Safeway’s policy is?


Thanks for making calls this next week. United we will move GMO labeling forward! 

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